I’m Learning Game Design and Development on Coursera

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About a month ago, I started the Game Design and Development Specialization on Coursera, an online course taught by Michigan State University media and information faculty. The specialization focuses on the process of planning, narrative writing and building video games using the Unity 3D game engine.

There are five course in the specialization. I’m currently finishing up the first course, Introduction to Game Development with the Unity 3D engine. This week, I continue with the second and third courses in the series: Principles of Game Design and Business and Entrepreneurship of Games. The fourth course, Game Development for Modern Platforms starts in December and the capstone project opens January 2015.

Though, I was able to squeeze in a quick and fun tutorial on building a ‘Pong’ game in HTML5 and the JavaScript (yes, ‘the JavaScript’). I wanted to learn game design during the summer, but schedule conflicts and a side-eye from my budget prevented me from pursuing it. So, I’m glad to finally find a game development course that goes into more detail with fleshing out a game concept and building a prototype that works around my schedule.

There’s a lot of writing (and reading) involved in the Principles of Game Design course. I have to remind myself that just because a class is offered online doesn’t mean it will have less homework. (ha!)

I’ve written several versions of my game’s story bible. Soon, I will begin drafting concept art and assets for my game. I’m beginning to look at games differently especially as I think about my game concept for the capstone project in January. I think about my game’s narrative and how the player will interact my game.

These game dev courses combine many of my interests such as drawing, animation, and writing among other things. I only wish I pursued this sooner! What’s it called when you find something that combines many of your favorite hobbies? Fortuitous?

That’s it. Fortuitous.

Image credit: Stocksnap.io