5 Resources for Learning Web Development

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When I decided to start a blog in 2013, I never would have thought it would inspire me to go down a different path altogether. Writing, designing, and managing a website sounded like fun, but I had no idea where to begin.

Then one fateful day, (read: after searching the Google) I stumbled upon a few helpful gems of educational online goodness.

What follows in this post is my non-exhaustive list of online tech communities and resources that I’ve followed over the past few years.

They make learning to code feel less isolating – especially when testing a new idea or troubleshooting a tricky block of code.

  1. CodeNewbie  a weekly Twitter chat and podcast featuring people from all technical levels, learning to code, software and tech enthusiasts and the like. Follow them on Twitter @codenewbies for updates.
  2. Edx.org is a free online tutorials web developer and programming language tutorials. I use this to understand the basic syntax and logic of a programming language.
  3. Treehouse (affiliate link) is an online learning for front-end web development and web design technologies, learn to program, or up-skill your current abilities. Built web apps, websites and software. Tutorials and workshops are updated (or added) almost daily, student forum support for questions or posting topics, and ability to track your learning progress through courses. Also has student meetups on Meetup.com.
  4. Shay Howe’s supremely helpful tutorials explain how to create website structure and layouts using HTML and CSS – from the simple to the intermediate.
  5. CSS Tricks is a blog and forum for perusing helpful tips (and tricks) when writing CSS. Honestly, you can Google just about anything regarding CSS and CSS Tricks will be among the search results.

What resources have helped you along in your learning to code journey?


Image credit: Stocksnap.io

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